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Chat with DONNA MARTINEZ - Tarot Reading and Law Of Perpetual Transmutation Of Energy in Saint Paul online. 1 years of practice in Law Of Perpetual Transmutation Of Energy.

About DONNA MARTINEZ's Services:

How to Transmute everlasting rays of light into Love and Kindness. Transmute hate and rage into love, compassion and kindness.

PSYCHIC READINGS: Speak with your Guardian Angels, Psychic, Receive Messages, Ask questions about a specific person or situation. Solve Problems. MEDIUM SESSIONS / READINGS: Contact departed loved ones, receive messages. Having dreams? Think you are being contacted by loved one? HEALING SESSIONS / READINGS: Medical Intuitive, Energy Healings, Chakras, Auras, Holistic. Balance, attunement and alignment. Are you or a loved one facing health challenges? Have your doctors failed to provide the answers to your health issues?

Experience & Qualifications

Donna Martinez works as a psychic, medium, clairvoyant (all senses) and healer. Born a Gifted child. Donna's Spiritual Guidance comes from God, Jesus, and Guardian Angels. Donna also can communicate with the Departed. Espanol. Donna is a well-known, trusted and respected Psychic Medium and Healer in Houston, TX. PAST AND CURRENT EVENTS: Ronald McDonald House Charity Events, KBR ~ Halliburton Holiday Events, Discovery Green Events, Betz Art Gallery Angel Charity Events, CenterPoint Houston Psychic Fair and Healing Expos, Marva Mason Psychic Fairs, Psychic Ability and Angelic Communication Classes taught by Donna Martinez


I have always had an inclination and passion for the metaphysical and astrology. I have been communicated to by spirit since I was a child. Growing up I encountered "ghosts", I had a tangible "telepathic" relationship with Jesus and what many of us perceive as God that continues to grow, was communicated to by family members that passed on, I rescued and healed many animals, I have accurately "read" for family, friends, and co-workers and could also predict events or just "know" what was happening. It wasn't till my later years in desperation of my life and ill health that by chance I found Kim O'Neill. I was given a copy of the Indigo Sun magazine. It was there that I read her "Ask Kim" column and just "knew" I had to contact her for a reading. My whole life changed after that reading. Finally my distorted, miserable and challenging life and condition of ill health made sense. I was told by my Angels through Kim that my pre-destined calling in this lifetime was to also channel and help others heal. Thus, my journey began.

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