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Lets work the law of Transmutation, You will be surrounded by the the Violet flame in a minutes. Get the renovation you need now!

PLEASE NOTE. I am not a supernatural Psychic, I am not 100 % accurate and I am not God I DO NOT HAVE. supernatural powers. I don't give out time lines or ridiculous predictions because your future depends on you and your life shifts by the second depending on the decisions you make during every day of your life with your free will and universal laws influences. I offer a true realistic spiritual intuitive readings that will help you to have a realistic picture of the influences around you and the motivation and guidance you need to manifest your best love life and future ever! I offer intuitive spiritual guide readings filled with spirit messages that brings clarity and truth. I offer true Spiritual Readings & Clear Intuitive Divine Guidance. I am a 3rd Generation Intuitive counselor in matters of love & Relationships, Soul Mate Connection, Career & Finances, spiritual growth and life matters. I am caring, trustworthy. I offer responsible interactive sessions with maximized results that triggers real life healing to your particular situation. My healing and purpose oriented readings bring positive life changes with love and compassion. Re energizing your love Live, career & spiritual vitality, via customized Original Tarot, Archangel Tarot & The runes and confirmed with Universal Life Map Displayed while I have your energies and hear the sounds of your voice. I am also capable of tuning into the angelic realm and I occasionally channel them in my readings, especially when the client asks for spiritual guidance or solutions to their pressing problems. I am here to help and guide you to connect with your higher self and listen to the messages that will help you and guide you to a better and more successful way of live, with Love abundance and happiness so that we all can live better during our journey here on earth. Are you in a rut? Do you need a fresh outlook on life? Are you interested in self-realization and spiritual advancement? Are you confused and don't know if you need to move on or if healing is possible? Wondering where your soul mate is and need help to find him? I am an ethical Born intuitive spiritualist with more than 30 years' experience, including 20 years offering intuitive readings worldwide. I offer free healing materials customized to the area in your life that needs healing and recalibration. Email Readings done the same day within a hours after your order has been processed. Email readings come in a beautiful Report that can be used as a guide to record your progress,healing and manifestations. In Love & Spirit Salome Saint Germain Master Tarot Counselor Life, Career & Spiritual Coach New Age & Universal Laws Trainer

Experience & Qualifications

Fluent Spanish readings 10 Years of Experience as a New Age Spiritual Coach 25 Years of Experience as a Law Of Attraction & Universal Laws Coach 25 Years Of Experience working as an empowering Spiritual . Professional and Love motivator 25 Years of experience providing first class Tarot Readings & Special Angelic Message Services


Bachelors Degree Business Administration with Concentration in Human Resources Management A 20 Year honorable member of the White Brotherhood 20 Year member of The Harmony Psychic Church 20 Yeas Metaphysics Student and Leader Certified as a Psychic & light worker by the Harmony Metaphysical Church Member of the Global Psychics & Healers Association

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